Wow, has life ever been busy!

Hope you are doing great. I’ve missed being in touch with you.

This fall, it literally took me three and a half weeks of my free time to pack and move all of my stuff from my second grade room and move it into my kindergarten classroom and set it all up again. Then came the lesson planning, labeling, testing, etc. I have to say, it’s been a fun and rewarding challenge to teach five-year-old children again.

While I was so busy with school starting, my editors were busy with travel and Warren’s trial in Texas. Just about the time they returned and were able to work on my manuscript, I was getting more time as well. The best news is: we are FINALLY through, and I’ve already had two absolutely great reviews in just one week!

My agent/publishers finally have a beautiful copy of FIFTY YEARS IN POLYGAMY! YES!!! I’m high, but having a hard time staying focused on today’s work and healing. Oh, I didn’t tell you that I’ve been home for nearly 3 weeks. The first week was dealing with that yucky, nauseous, gallbladder pain, before the surgeon finally poked five holes between my ribs and sucked the lazy thing out of me. The good part – I lost nine pounds; but as soon as I could smell food without getting sick, more fat cells took the place of the gallbladder and …. you know the rest.

Well folks, if all goes well, you’ll have another good book to read sometime between April and May! Every day I have to remind myself to be patient with the publishing process. The latter part of spring will be better anyway. I’ll have more time when school is out near the end of May to tour, do book-signings, and see your smiling faces.

Meanwhile keep checking in and I’ll try to write more often.

My best to all of you,