Nothing like good timing to cheer someone up! School will be out in five weeks, and I’ll finally be able to have a life, and promote my book. I am so grateful!

Balboa has been taking great care of me and my book. Everyone has been exceptionally professional and kind. Some days I feel like I’m the only author they’re working with, though I know they’re working with hundreds.

Right now, we’re doing a “short-run” on the book printing. I’m getting books for family, friends and co-workers for a better than retail price. But I have to say, while I feel excited about my book finally being published, I have also felt a little queasy as the time gets closer. Having my intimate and truthful stories read all over the world will certainly be informative and among the national talk; but it may also create more controversy—especially among family and those who still live and believe in polygamy.

When I read my book for the last time, before it went to press, my thoughts were: there is nothing in here that isn’t truthful. I disclosed that I changed names, a few places, dates, and such, as needed for others’ anonymity. Overall, those who were really with me through the thick and thin in my life, know that these events are real. I have a clear conscience and nothing to worry about.

I hope that by publishing my book, it will give hope to those still living polygamy, as well as to those who aren’t. Everyone can gain courage enough to leave a crazy making, dysfunctional life, and move forward in love, gratitude and happiness.

Today, I remind myself to keep on keeping on, and be proud of this accomplishment, even amidst those who will be derogatory and mean.