The Top Ten Dumpster Diving Delicacies – Chapter 21 – Poverty and Dumpster Diving

  1. Lots of filling carbs: bread, rolls and donuts.
  2. The dented cans of Spaghettios and Raviolis – a major treat for those special occasions.
  3. Damaged boxes of sugar coated cereal, along with a box of powdered milk (even with catsup splashed all over them.) What a breakfast treat!
  4. A quart or gallon of sour milk was great for making sour-dough bread.
  5. Just right” for the lucky boy who got the torn open package of brand new, un-used (Thank God) underwear.
  6. Little toys and puzzles that were still in the wrappers – some for us, some gifts for others kids.
  7. The fruit and vegetables that were still good on the inside after you got the extra blessing of having the outside food for the chickens.
  8. It had to be a huge chunk of cheese, so that when the entire mold was scraped off, there was still an edible portion inside.
  9. A big box full of greeting cards. I felt rich being able to send out such nice cards. NO, you are not still getting yours from the dumpster. We ran out of them years ago. But I did have to keep note of who got which one each year since there were so many duplicates.
  10. A box full of outdated but delicious chocolate bars, especially for us chocoholics!

*HEY, we were grateful – even without money for gloves and masks. Fortunately, (or unfortunately) none of our Dumpster Diving Delicacies qualified for that one big relief-society meal I was supposed to prepare for that other needy family. (Demoted to Nothingness – Chapter 25)