We’ve been traveling for nearly 4 weeks. Our furthermost destination was to Salem Illinois, to the Decker Reunion—a wonderful family I’m so glad to be part of!

While we were gone, my husband and I received marvelous news. “The Justice Department Sues Polygamous Towns.” We thanked God again that this federal civil rights case was filed against the towns of Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Az. Finally people who cared enough about declaring civil rights for many polygamists who don’t even know they should have them!

During our trip, I spoke about my life and my book at 3 different libraries, two Methodist Churches, and on the CNN morning news. We also sold hundreds of books. We’re amazed at the astounding written and personal responses from so many concerned and wonderful people across the country as well as here in Utah.

A huge thanks to K.S.L. TV in Salt Lake and K.P.C.W., an NPR affiliates here in UTAH, for interviewing me before we left! I especially thank them for not buying into the pressures or concerns that may have caused both the Desert News and Fox KVU, Las Vegas, to un-invite me to talk about my book and the things in the paragraph below.

Whether media sources in Utah and Nevada are succumbing to threats, bribes, business or personal relations and connections, it seems they’ve chosen to deflect the negative truths about polygamy. It’s easier to keep them hidden under the guise of the Sister Wives, Big Love, and the book, Love Times Three. All three families glamorize polygamy–portraying and claiming that they depict the “normal, average” happy, wealthy, functional, polygamous families, rather than the anomalies they really are.

Is it easier, this election year, for some of our big-wigs ‘up there’ to keep folks believing in that media “status quo” so that polygamy issues—now and then— won’t be a deterring issue that has to be dealt with or discussed?

*The Today Show, that spent nearly 6 hours with me last month in Murray, Utah, says they will still air my segment. We, our publishers and others say this is common. They think the postponement has something to do with some pending news that will air together, as it may add to their news agenda and cause – whatever that may be.

I’ve got several more commitments coming up, but hope to have enough time to do some spring cleaning, work in our yard, and spend more time with loved ones.

Check related sites. As soon as possible, we’ll post the links for the interviews I’ve already done, and the dates and places for things coming up in the future.

Thanks again for reading my book, for your supportive comments, for promoting my book to others, and for posting such quality reviews on Barns and Noble and Amazon and Facebook.

Love and light…



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