THE BEST TIMES ARE: THE TODAY SHOW -Weekend News 09/01/2012


-hearing our grandchildren’s laughter, what ever they have to say; seeing their beautiful smiling faces and loving them so much it sometimes hurts.

-when family, friends, loved ones and even strangers show respect, kindness, acceptance, and unconditional love – Namaste.

-feeling so much joy that I want to shout from the mountain tops every time another woman, child, family, even man leaves polygamy’s strong-hold.

-gratitude and celebration for consciousness—sound choices, humanity, health, knowledge, progress, dignity, and genuine happiness.

-finally getting home after days or weeks of book promotions, and to my wonder man and his warm embrace.

-having a gratitude attitude – no matter what.


THE TODAY SHOW Weekend News 09/01/2012 – MY HEROES’

I’m SO grateful to those who have by word of mouth helped publicize my book. Thank you so much! I’m also thrilled with the extent of media coverage we’ve had.

I’m sure most of you have already found that no matter what news casters hear, see, read and record there are still mistakes made when it comes to reporting. It’s often frustrating, especially if it’s something embarrassing. A few months ago after doing a phone interview for a newspaper, I had stated that many of the FLDS children and teens are un-educated. When the article was printed, the journalist had written that I said they were “stupid.” I felt so bad; there’s a big difference between stupidity and ignorance.

When Mara was interviewing me for the Today Show, I told her my father had 5 wives while I was growing up and as years passed, he married 8 more women. She must have missed the sum total of 13 (known to me) wives he had. And that’s okay, really. More than one partner is way too many for anyone—let alone 5 or 13. :)

In the caption of the picture of me, it says I was assigned to my husband.That too, isn’t a big deal, especially since my book explains how I became engaged.

More than anything, The Today Show was another of those BEST TIMES, and another media source I am extremely GRATEFUL for!

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