Polygamy, a Choice? Yea Right!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m pro-choice. If the choices are more than do it or else! Though thousands of polygamists claim; “it’s my choice to be a polygamist,” those statements are completely inaccurate according to the most recent and numerous research based books written about brainwashing. I was a seventh generation victim of the demands of “principle of plural marriage.”

Dr. Kathleen Taylor, in her book, Brainwashing – The Science of Thought Control, states that neuroscience “shows that brainwashed individuals have more rigid pathways in their deep convictions, and that rigidity can make it unlikely that the individual will rethink situations or be able to later reorganize these pathways. The neuronal behaviors of brainwashed people behave so differently, critical thinking is nearly impossible.”

My 45 siblings and I, as well as 95 percent of those who practice polygamy in the western United States, were born or converted into families that sustain, preach Joseph Smith’s doctrines on plural marriage. Polygamists see Joseph Smith’s doctrines as laws, not choices, as are dictated in LDS Doctrine and Covenants, Section 132, where it is said that women are damned for sleeping with other men, and destroyed for rebelling against their husbands’ sleeping with other woman for HIS exaltation.


Not only that, but these polygamous women believe their prophets commanded them to have

as many children as their bodies will produce.


If and when Kody Brown’s, Joe Darger’s, and other polygamous “programmed”  adults are ever able to break away from years and years of arduous indoctrination, (near impossible rigidity,) they will realize, like those of us who have been able to escape, that they too, never did have authentic choice. Aside from the many studies that prove polygamy is harmful to women and children, Patriarchal, traditional, polygamy which IS probably 95% of polygamy in the U.S., violates HUMAN RIGHTS, since it is not based on “Sound Choices.” Polygamy in these instances is synonymous with slavery.

Though I felt sick and violated, when my father asked me, “Are you Sophia, willing to stand as Sarah and give Sister Diane to your husband as his wife for time and all eternity?,” I had two choices: With all my heart, I wanted to be with my children and my family in Heaven. If I didn’t comply and keep sweet about it, I believed I’d be destroyed and damned to hell. So I forced some smiles and whispered, “yes.”

There are and have been more than enough reasons that polygamy is and has been illegal. Something must be done about re-defining laws that can and will be enforced to end abuses that are rampant in too many of these families.

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  1. Thanks so much Jennifer for volunteering and your comments! I do understand that doctrine well. As I grew up with all of it and more. 🙂 I will put your info on our list, and when we have an opportunity to offer this gift from you to others, I will pass it along. Best wishes always!

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