Working Toward Things that Will Make a Difference

Christine and I on the phone, trying to help some folks out of a bad situation.
Christine and I on the phone, trying to help some folks out of a bad situation.

Holy Toledo! That’s the only word I can come up with, since I’m trying to not swear anymore. I really don’t swear much, but swearing just isn’t professional; especially for a grandma, teacher, speaker, life coach, talk show host and other things like that, about me. The problem is that sometimes there’s just so much frustrated emotion going on that it’s hard to express myself without using one of those “darn” words to help me vent.

My life is still going wonderful, and I’m so grateful every single day. So why do I sometimes feel the need to swear, and why do I get stressed or knotting up? It’s that my “dang” to-do list is getting longer and longer. No matter how many or few hours in a day, I don’t get enough done to to feel like I have successful many days; and the list gets longer rather than shorter…

Oh, well that’s always been my life and I’m also very grateful I can be busy.

Since I’ve not made time to get a post on this website since April… Shoot, has it really has been that long? That’s really bad. (I’ve sent my wish into the Universe for loads of money so I can pay for a personal assistant, pay my bills and my way in life, and help everyone else, while I have that help. Wow, I’d be super grateful!) Anyway, just for information sake, I’m going to share some of the things I’m working on with others. You can check them out, and maybe even help.


SOUND CHOICES COALITION: is a partnership of organizations and individuals uniting in an effort to end human rights violations due to polygamy and other forms of patriarchal abuse. We’re currently trying to get Utah State to “actively” protect the children from Warren’s Jeff’s last decree that every young woman, 12 and up should be impregnated by one of 3 worthy men.

 Here is one of two letters Ed Kociela just wrote for the St. George News:

Here is another really good one after a response from the AG’s Office.

We’re still working to educate the world about what polygamy really is, and to make a difference for those who need help and who are still locked into that belief system. Go to our FB Sound Choices Coalition for The News.

My Book: UNCENSORED FIFTY YEARS in POLYGAMY: Big Secrets and Little White Lies. It will be most of the whole, true, story of my life having been raised in polygamy and lived it for 50 years. HOPING it’s ready to publish by the end of August. Until then you can still get my first book or an e-book from Barns and Noble or Amazon

My Talk Show: POLYGAMY UNCENSORED – Conversations with Kristyn DeckerPWR network – Blog Talk Radio.

Every Wednesday at 12:00 EST. Each week we will provide in-depth information, have expert participation, have uncensored conversation about the ongoing human rights violations and patriarchal abuses s of polygamy.

Marion was my first guest. She left the same polygamist group I left. Her interview was VERY informative of the equal rights violations due to polygamy.

Jay Allred was my second guest. He had 17 children with three wives. He’s also left polygamy and very happy!

You can listen to the two talk shows I’ve already done from my website, by clicking on one or the other at the bottom of my page; but right now the site FB and other icons on the left of that page are not yet set up to go to the right places, so please use this URL to go to my FB site.

You can listen in at any time. Please “like” us on Facebook, and pass the messages along.

RIVR MEDIA – Consulting Producer- for ESCAPING POLYGAMY We are currently preparing a REAL of ten or so minutes (after days and days of filming), for ESCAPING POLYGAMY. We’re hoping it’s a go!

Thanks for reading and checking in. I’ll try to do better at keeping up.

Best Wishes for GENUINE love, light and happiness always…




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