My press-release on Jay Leno’s HEADLINES! GOOGLE About Me and My Book



Someone sent an article from So. Utah to the HEADLINES. Whoever did that – Thank you!
@ 11 min. 44 seconds into the show the article with my name shows up!

On the right side of the page from the link she posted, under “More Videos” click “Browse All Videos”, then at the bottom under “Collections” click “Headlines” then click on the Polygamy one.

There’s so much information posted about me on Google that it’s almost terrifying! Who would have ever known when I was in polygamy that I’d be speaking out and not able to keep my mouth shut when it comes to defending the rights of women and children? I thought, like so many others, I’d quietly leave, disappear into the world, write my book for my grand kids sake, stay busy teaching, being a grandma, friend, mom, and wife. . .  But now look what I’ve gotten myself into.

I look forward to real retirement though – whenever and whatever that is I’m going to love it!


REMEMBER LOVE is the only thing that is real.



2 thoughts on “My press-release on Jay Leno’s HEADLINES! GOOGLE About Me and My Book”

  1. Thanks so much Bette! Good to hear your feed back on my book. I like a lot of people, and though we don’t agree on many things (polygamy), I think there are still some good people who are polygamists. I hope that explains some and that we do see each other again.

  2. Hello Bette, thanks for writing. I appreicate your comments. Though there are a lot of bad people in polygamy, I can say I’m not an anti polygamist because I know a lot of family, friends and good people who are polygamists, but just like me, they have been mislead and believe they have to to gain their salvation. But I am very against polygamy since it is harmful to men, women, children and society. I hope that helps explain a little better. BEST always! KD

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