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Someone sent an article from So. Utah to the HEADLINES. Whoever did that – Thank you!
@ 11 min. 44 seconds into the show the article with my name shows up!

On the right side of the page from the link she posted, under “More Videos” click “Browse All Videos”, then at the bottom under “Collections” click “Headlines” then click on the Polygamy one.

There’s so much information posted about me on Google that it’s almost terrifying! Who would have ever known when I was in polygamy that I’d be speaking out and not able to keep my mouth shut when it comes to defending the rights of women and children? I thought, like so many others, I’d quietly leave, disappear into the world, write my book for my grand kids sake, stay busy teaching, being a grandma, friend, mom, and wife. . .  But now look what I’ve gotten myself into.

I look forward to real retirement though – whenever and whatever that is I’m going to love it!


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RECENT Press Release:

Kristyn Decker was born and raised in the second largest polygamist sect in the U.S. Her father, Owen Allred, was the prophet of that group for 28 years before his passing. Decker’s mother was the first of his 13 wives, and born eight of his 23 biological children. Decker married at 17 and lived polygamy with her husband, sister wife and 11 children. While raising her own seven children to believe in polygamy, Kristyn taught off and on for 18 years in the AUB private school her children attended. In 1991, with five kids still at home, she volunteered in her youngest son’s Head Start class and began taking college courses. She took a job as an assistant Head Start teacher for four years while getting her AS degree, then was a lead teacher for four more years. During and after this time Decker attended and sponsored in self-help groups, volunteered with Utah State School Age Child Care Association on a research project, and joined the Utah Children Association. In 1995 she began teaching CDA classes to Child Development Associate candidates at Children First and presented at Early Childhood conferences. Right after that, Kristyn wrote her own business plan and received a half million dollar SBA loan to start a kid’s college. She graduated in 2002 with a BA in Elementary Education and Early Childhood and from Southern Utah University, and began teaching K – 2 in public schools. She ended her near 33 year marriage and left polygamy that same year. LeRoy came into her life in 2007, and she became Mrs. Decker in 2009. Decker founded the Sound Choices Coalition in June of 2012 after publishing her first book Fifty Years in Polygamy – Big Secrets and Little White Lies. While preparing her UNCENSORED edition of her book, she continued to spend numerous hours volunteering in many aspects with the SCC and others to help end human rights violations.

With Judge Waddoups’ recent decision to decriminalize polygamy in Utah, Kristyn Decker is even more concerned about the welfare of children who are born and raised in fundamentalist polygamy.  Her father, Owen Allred was the prophet of the second largest POLYGAMIST SECT in the U.S. for 28 years, therefore she knows first-hand of the inner workings and belief systems of patriarchal polygamy. Just as most polygamist children, Decker was also taught that husbands must have at least 3 wives in this life, and women are to bare as many children their bodies can produce . . . and damnation is the penalty for non-compliance. Decker followed those cohesive bribes, and lived polygamy with her husband before she finally discovered herself and the truth, and left.

Decker started college with 6 kids still at home, taught Head Start and then elementary school for 11 years. She recently resigned so that I could help women and children escape from polygamy’s stronghold, and to publicize her books.

As an author and speaker for the Sound Choices Coalition, which Decker founded to help end human rights violations, she speaks about the research that’s been done, of her own experiences, and of others who have also left that belief system.

In addition to the publication of Kristyn’s first book she had the opportunity to speak in many places across our country this past few years. She was invited to speak in many media sources, (several that aren’t listed): The Today Show, CNN Week-end News, Good Morning AZ., NPR Community Voices, The Fawn Rigan Show – WCCO – Minneapolis, KTAR Talk Radio, Jay Lawrence, KSL A.M. News, as well as in many book clubs, churches, and libraries.

Kristyn Decker’s UNCENSORED, FIFTY YEARS in POLYGAMY  book and E-book is currently available through: and from her seller site on Amazon at:

Her book will be available from Amazon Books, Barns and Noble and other book stores near the first of February.


Author, speaker, educator, Life Coach/Advocate & Activist




Decriminalizing Polygamy – Against Our Constitution? Is Consensual Adult Sex Good for Polygamous Children?

Decriminalizing Polygamy – Against Our Constitution? Is Consensual Adult Sex Good for Polygamous Children?

Marion Munn, Ed Kociela and Kristyn Decker will discuss the ramifications of Judge Waddoup’s decision to Decriminalize Polygamy in Utah.

To listen to POLYGAMY UNCENSORED live on Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m.


On the EDge: Waddoups’s polygamy decision not surprising

By Ed Kociela

December 14, 2013,

OPINION – In a decision that was not entirely unexpected, a U.S. District Court judge stripped the guts of Utah’s anti-polygamy law Friday. In his 91-page ruling, Judge Clark Waddoups […]

Letter was written to Paul Murphy of the Utah State AG’s office:
If Utah is serious about appealing this ruling, here is a golden opportunity to gain some credibility and a chance of actually winning through using Dr. Marci Hamilton,  a heavy duty  expert in the field of  constitutional law and polygamy.
As a precaution against it becoming “lost in space,” below is a copy of an email about Hamilton’s offer, and my perspective, which I just sent to the AG’s office.


Mr. Brian Tarbet,

As you consider whether to appeal Judge Waddoup’s recent ruling I would respectfully ask you to consider using Dr. Marci Hamilton, an acknowledged constitutional expert, to make that appeal. From the court records, it is apparent that the attorney used by your office in this case was ill prepared and uninformed.

I have extensive personal experience in polygamy, have worked with a charity assisting people leaving polygamist groups, and have also spent the last few years researching polygamy at the University of Utah. Because of this I am keenly aware that to label criticisms of polygamy as being “religious persecution,” or as simply prejudice against “unpopular” groups in society, is a dangerous road to go down.

This latest ruling erodes what has already been ruled upon concerning the “Free Exercise Clause” of the Constitution – that all religious belief is protected, but that all religious practices cannot be, because some are damaging to individuals or to society. And  I know from personal experience, observation, and academic research, that polygamy as Chief Justice Baumann of Canada observed is indeed “inherently abusive.”

I have spoken to Dr. Hamilton who is a recognized constitutional expert with extensive background knowledge about polygamy. She is willing to assist you in your appeal. Her contact details are as follows;
Marci A. Hamilton Verkuil Chair in Public Law Benjamin N. Cardozo Law School Yeshiva University @Marci_Hamilton

Please seriously consider using Dr. Hamilton’s extensive expertise,  because the implications of Judge Waddoups’ rulings are enormous and potentially extremely damaging to society.

Uncensored Fifty Years in Polygamy Available Now!

Signed copies and E-versions available here.

Fifty Years In Polygamy - Uncensored

Working Toward Things that Will Make a Difference

Christine and I on the phone, trying to help some folks out of a bad situation.
Christine and I on the phone, trying to help some folks out of a bad situation.

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UNLV to Host Discussion on Polygamy With the Brown Family of TLC’s Sister Wives

If you can be in Las Vegas for this, please join the audience to glean from a pro and con polygamy discussion.


Authorpalooza At Barns and Noble

Please come meet me at this authors event at Barns and Noble event this coming Saturday from 1:00 until 4:00.

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Sound Choices Coalition – Press Release


ST. GEORGE – Members of the Sound Choice Coalition, a grassroots organization dedicated to retaining the state’s bigamy/polygamy laws and educating and enlightening the community about the dangers of polygamy, will visit the Utah Capitol the morning of February 13th.

 The purpose of this visit to elected officials is to ask them to resist any loosening of Utah’s existing polygamy laws—to not decriminalize polygamy in the face of a lawsuit filed against the state by an active polygamist. Newly elected Utah Attorney General, John Swallow, has said he will continue his predecessor Mark Shurtleff’s policy of not prosecuting polygamy.

            “If Utah decriminalizes polygamy then Utah will become even more of a haven for polygamy and the abuses inherent within that practice,” Kristyn Decker, founder of Sound Choices Coalition and a former plural wife, said. “When you are brought up in fundamentalism you are blinded from truth and reality.” Sound Choices Coalition hopes Utah will make a sound choice to protect women and children from the abuses of patriarchal polygamy, such as unequal distribution of power within marriage, being manipulated to live polygamy under religious duress, and the practice of having more children than parents can provide and nurture and so on. She underscored the mission statement of the Sound Choices Coalition.

“We stand for freedom from generational and patriarchal abuses that coerce and rob free-will choice,” she said.  “Our goal is to educate and encourage everyone to claim this freedom, and request others to do the same.”

“The Browns and a few others in the Principle Rights Coalition are asking that polygamy be decriminalized. Therefore we are asking that ‘polygamy,’ as is it known, lived, and professed, is studied and defined in depth before decriminalization is even considered. Polygamy does not compare to the sexual liberty of consenting adults. It is not about adult consensual ‘choice.’ It is the aftermath of arduous programming.”

“For a large percentage of polygamous children, their only choice is do or die… a girl will kindly and sweetly give her husbands other ‘wives,’ will have as many babies as her body will produce, (whether or not her health suffers or she is capable of nurturing them, and whether her husband will, won’t, or can’t provide for them), because if she does not, she knows she has failed to demonstrate her ‘worthiness’ and will be ‘destroyed’. Under such extreme coercion, this can hardly be considered a choice.”

Members of the Sound Choices Coalition will distribute personal stories from previous polygamists, a brochure detailing scholarly research and legal findings concerning the inherent abuses of polygamy of any kind, and a letter expressing the need for continuation of the existing polygamy laws. The coalition hopes to persuade Utah representatives to act in the best interests of society, and to protect the women, children, and men suffering from the abuses of the polygamous lifestyle.

Sound Choices Coalition Web Page and Consent in Polygamy

Hello everyone!

Please check out our new and ever progressing Webpage for Sound Choices Coalition.  I hear many people say polygamy should be decriminalized or legalized, with a few good reasons, such as pro-choice etc.

I agree with real choice, however!  Please read this research about CHOICE and CONSENT.

Then you may want to SIGN THE PETITION to Stand Against Legalizing the Subjugation of Women Through Polygamy

Selective Amnesia Regarding Adult Consent in Polygamy  What We Must Forget in Order To Justify Legalization or Decriminalization of Patriarchal Polygamy

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